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Our practice adheres to the ethical guidelines set out by the Australian Psychological Society and provides trauma-informed care. We value the respectful treatment of all clients and staff regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual identity and orientation. We provide therapy that is individually tailored to meet your needs and work with treatments that are supported by both research and our extensive clinical experience. We welcome feedback on our service and endeavor to continually improve all aspects of our service delivery. Feedback can be provided at

Our Practice

Our practitioners are all highly qualified psychologists with post-graduate training and experience providing psychological therapy for adults. They combine professional experience with personal qualities of warmth and understanding to provide a positive and effective therapeutic experience for clients. All of our psychologists commit to ongoing training to keep up with the latest developments in psychology and regularly engage in peer consultation to continually improve our practice. The psychologists in our practice bring a range of knowledge and skills from their work in other settings including eating disorder and bariatric clinics, working with first responders, services for people with brain injury and their carers, psycho-oncology settings and general mental health inpatient and day programs. Our work with you will begin with a comprehensive assessment to develop an understanding of the areas that are important to you to work on and will include ongoing review to ensure we continue to meet your therapeutic needs. Treatment may focus on managing symptoms as well as understanding and addressing how the symptoms developed to promote lasting improvements.


Our psychologists offer individual treatment for a wide range of adult issues including anxiety, depression, major-life transitions(e.g. parenthood, retirement), eating disorders, weight/ body image issues, stress, parenting, concerns about family/ relationships, grief, chronic health, brain injury, being a carer, coping with cancer, trauma and childhood abuse and neglect. All of our work is trauma-informed and our team have completed additional training in various trauma-focused therapies such as EMDR, Schema Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS).


Our practice also offers a range of group programs throughout the year that can be used to compliment individual therapy or as a stand alone therapeutic experience. You do not need to be a client of our practice to attend. In addition to various groups facilitated by psychologists, we host a monthly Yoga class via Zoom, called Yoga for Healing and Recovery. More information about our group programs can be found on the groups page or by emailing


More information about us and general resources can be found on our Face Book page.


Choosing the right psychologist for you

The match between psychologist and client is a key factor in the success of therapy. The psychologists in our team have all been selected based on personal characteristics of warmth, a positive, non-judgemental approach and an active commitment to ongoing training in the latest therapeutic approaches in our field. Occasionally a particular therapist may be better suited to your needs due to their additional experience or training. When you first contact our practice, we will ask you some questions about the general area you would like to work on, the outcome you would like to achieve and what you might be looking for in a therapist to help to ensure we get the match right for you. Please also note that all our therapists work set days a week and evening times are in highest demand. Appointments outside of standard business hours will incur a higher fee.

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