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At Centre Point Psychology we offer a range of groups to help you to build better mental health. All of our groups are facilitated by experienced psychologists and present well-researched information and practical skills in a safe, engaging format. The groups can be used to compliment individual therapy or as a complete, stand-alone experience. We welcome clients of other psychologists to our groups and can liaise with your individual psychologist if that is helpful to you.


1. The Good Life Skills Group - based on the principles of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

Intake is now open for our next Good Life Skills Group with pre-group consultations starting now.

The group will start in February 2022.

Please email for more information or to register for a pre-group consultation.


The Good Life Skills group is a rolling 10 week program based on the well-researched principles of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). DBT is designed to help you to build the necessary skills to enhance your quality of life. It was originally designed for people with long-standing mental health difficulties, that were severely impacting their lives. The information and skills in DBT are also more widely applicable for people seeking to improve their quality of life and overall functioning. At Centre Point Psychology, our group is open to anyone who has struggled with anxiety, low mood, eating disorders or ongoing difficulties with relationships. It can compliment existing individual therapy and is also useful for people who have not attended therapy before. In our DBT skills group, you will learn practical information and usable skills that will help you to:

  • become more effective at managing distress and regulate your emotions
  • build skills in mindfulness
  • become more effective in relationships

The group is presented in both an accessible online format using Zoom and face to face in rooms. 

Facilitator: Jules Rademeyer (Clinical Psychology Registrar) is fully qualified psychologist with a Masters in Clinical Psychology. She has a particular interest in DBT and has completed Advanced DBT training through Behavioral Tech. Jules has facilitated numerous DBT groups and delivers the core DBT information and skills in a fun and engaging format, making the groups enjoyable and effective.

Contact: for more information about our Good Life Skills Group.


Our current Group:

The current group is being conducted via Zoom 12-1.30pm and started on Thursday the 7th of October. It will run for 10 weeks. 


2022 Good Life Skills Group Schedule:

Term 1

Zoom, Feb 3rd - April 7th  @ 5pm

Term 2

Zoom, April 28th - June 30th @ 12pm

Term 4

Face to face in rooms, October 13th - December 15th @ TBC


2. Live Free Group - A Mindfulness-based approach to managing Anxiety

Our Live Free group incorporates the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to better understand how your mind and body respond to anxiety in a productive, positive way. You will learn practical skills to help you work to be able to live more freely beyond your anxiety. This 90 minute group is run over 6 weeks via Zoom. 

2022 Live Free Group Schedule:

Term 3 via Zoom. Dates and times TBC


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