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Assessment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults 

There has recently been an increase in awareness around the symptoms of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and increased interest in the assessment of ADHD. Many people hold the misconception that ADHD is a disorder of reduced attention and/or hyperactivity, however the symptom pattern that typically makes up a diagnosis of ADHD reflects a difference in the way that the brain has developed compared to typically developed brains. Characteristics of ADHD can include areas of great strength, including hyperfocus on topics or tasks of interest, and unique ways of seeing and interpreting patterns, as well as difficulties such as organising and planning a weekly schedule or staying focused on one task at a time. Characteristics of ADHD can create limitations in day-to-day life as the contexts in which we function are not typically created with neurodivergent brains in mind. An understanding of your own characteristics of ADHD and unique patterns of thinking and behaviour can increase opportunities to maximise strengths and develop strategies to support difficulties at home, work, university, and in relationships.


What are the benefits of completing an ADHD assessment with a Clinical Psychologist?

Daniella is a Clinical Psychologist with a keen interest in taking a trauma-informed and neurodiversity-affirming approach to clinical assessment of ADHD to form a holistic picture of your unique ways of functioning. The assessment process aims to equip you with a deeper understanding of your functioning and personalised recommendations for maximizing your strengths and supporting areas of difficulty in the different contexts of your life, such as at home, work and/or university, and in relationships. As a Clinical Psychologist, Daniella can then draw on extensive experience in a range of therapeutic modalities to tailor a range of strategies for your needs through ADHD coaching sessions. 


What is involved in the assessment process? 

  1. Questionnaires sent to you to complete online before the first session so that a comprehensive idea of your daily functioning can be determined to inform the assessment process. 

2. Attendance at a clinical interview via Telehealth with Daniella Saleme to assess your symptoms of ADHD and any co-occurring psychological difficulties to understand your strengths and any difficulties you have been experiencing. 

3. Daniella will then compile the information obtained from questionnaires and at assessment into a brief letter of diagnosis (if applicable) or a comprehensive report and will send you a draft via email before your feedback session so that you can prepare any questions you may have to ask Daniella. 

4. Feedback session via Telehealth to discuss the results and recommendations (30 minutes).

5. Optional ADHD coaching session(s) with Daniella (50 minutes each) scheduled after completing the assessment and conducted via Telehealth.


What happens after the assessment process is complete?

You may want to engage in ADHD coaching for symptoms of ADHD with Daniella - sessions are offered at a reduced rate for clients who have undergone assessment of ADHD with Daniella.


After confirming a diagnosis of ADHD, you may want to consult with a psychiatrist to discuss options for medication for ADHD symptoms. Daniella will be able to provide a list of recommended psychiatrists who will accept the diagnosis from Daniella’s letter or report, and will provide an initial session at a reduced fee.


Fee structure

    1. Assessment and brief letter of diagnosis (if applicable) with recommendations
    2. Assessment (with additional test of executive functioning) and comprehensive report with detailed functioning profile and recommendations


ADHD Coaching sessions 

Daniella also offers the option to add-on ADHD coaching session(s) at a reduced rate, that are tailored to your specific needs, and can include development of skills in: 

  • Organisation and daily/weekly planning
  • Breaking down tasks into manageable steps
  • Building strategies for maximising hyperfocus 
  • Identifying strategies for increasing focus, staying on task, and minimising distractibility 
  • Developing skills for increasing effectiveness in communication at work and in relationships 

You may be able to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan referral from your GP which may entitle you to a Medicare rebate for a number of ADHD coaching sessions only. 

Please note that ADHD assessments are available for adults over 18 years-of-age only at this stage. 

If you would like further information and to enquire about scheduling an ADHD assessment with Daniella, please contact: 


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